How to choose a DJ for your next party

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Throwing a party is one of those things that can be epic or end up being a total flop. It will all depend on how well you promote the event and how good the DJ is. He will be responsible for getting every guest that comes to the party hyped up and in the mood for dancing and socializing. In this article we are going to talk about the things you need to consider when you choose a DJ for your party.

The first thing to look for is plenty of party experience and being able to handle events with large numbers of people. Most of the best DJ’s out there will at the very least have a social media site such as Facebook to promote their events with photos and videos. Check the pages of a few good local DJ’s and see just how much they have done and how large of an crowd they have played music for. A good DJ is usually someone who does this for a living and not some guy who only works once a week. Look for the guy that has several gigs on a weekly basis.

Once you have found a few experienced DJ’s you need to contact a few of them and ask them how much knowledge they have on music genres and styles depending in the kind of audience and the specific mood of the party during different hours. You can’t just pick a guy who will play some random list that might keep people pumped up with high intensity music for way too many hours and then they would all crash due to exhaustion. The DJ has to know how to distribute the pace of the music that will be played through the night. If this is not done properly things can start to wind down too early. Also make sure that he has enough personality to address the crowd and keep them engaged and entertained.

The next thing you need to consider is the rates for the DJ you will be hiring. If you are on a budget you should stay away from DJ’s that have worked celebrity parties or large events because they will usually charge a very large fee. Your best bet is to find a local DJ who does plenty of gigs but is not doing major events. Some DJ’s will charge you per hour, whole others will give you a cost for the entire night. Make sure that you are specific about the exact timeframe they DJ be working at the party.

Once you have checked out all of those things you have to make sure your DJ has all the things he needs in order to keep the party going strong. If you ask the DJ to bring all of his gear and equipment, this will probably cost more, so only request for the things you really need. Tell the DJ to visit your home or event location prior to the party so that he can have a good idea of the kind of sound he will need.

Now that you know the kind of things you need to look for in a DJ you can have an amazing party that everyone will remember. Your choice of DJ is going to make or break your party, so make sure you go for someone who really knows what he is doing. A good DJ will always find a way to get everyone involved in the fun. If your event is good, people will definitely want to come back again when you throw another party.


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