Music in Live Productions… Because this year’s graduating class deserves a celebration they will never forget..

Proms are a night of extravaganza. Everything needs to be just right from the tux to the dress to the place to the music. A prom is one of the most important events in a person’s lifetime. Proms are remembered forever, and they should be remembered with style and grace. Teenagers demand the very best, and they should be given nothing less than the best to make their night the perfect prom to remember and talk about for years to come. This night will be remembered as one of the best nights ever with Music in Live Productions there to make sure everything is as it should be. If the music is not right, then your night is not complete. We stay current on all genres to accommodate everyone. Our intelligent lights are one of the many add-ons we offer which bring out the music and enhance this exciting night of teens enjoying one of their last times together before graduating high school.