Bar-bat Mitzvah

The coming of age of the Son or Daughter of Commandments should be honored in an extraordinary way…

When a Jewish boy becomes a Bar Mitzvah, it’s likely that he will want to commemorate
reaching this milestone in a grand way. We at Music in Live Productions will make it our goal to
make his Bar Mitzvah celebration unique so it stands out as a coming-of-age event that will
never be forgotten. Friends and family will enjoy a splendid party atmosphere or elegant
reception after the blessing services, completely tailored to the desires of the honored guest.
Add-on features such as intelligent lighting for the dance floor or a 50-inch LED screen
displaying photos and music videos throughout the night can give an upbeat atmosphere, while
ambient LED lighting can give the venue a more sophisticated elegance. Whether opting for a DJ
or live musicians, Music in Live Productions will strive to make this traditional celebration of
transition into manhood markedly exceptional.