Life Events


Need entertainment for your fundraiser? Music in Live Productions is happy to be of service!

We all know that the goal of holding a fundraiser is to generate money for a group, company, or special cause. However, it does not mean that you should settle for hiring entertainment that is less exceptional or of a lower quality. Whether you are looking for a DJ for a block party, MC for a talent show, musicians for a social event, or character entertainment for a carnival, we will provide you with great quality entertainment at a reasonable price. We will work with you in order to provide the best services for your event, indoor or outdoor. Think about it: the better your entertainment is, the more people will be drawn to your fundraiser; therefore, more funds can be raised for your cause! The next community dance benefitting your local church could be the biggest event of the year!


School Events

We at Music in Live Productions were inspired by music during our youth, and so we love to give back to the youth in hopes of inspiring them as well. We provide DJ, MC and live entertainment services to various school and college events, such as Valentine’s Day dances, talent shows, special commemorative ceremonies, class fundraisers, cultural and ethnic events, pep rallies, homecomings, carnivals and other outdoor events, graduations, and a variety of other school-sponsored activities. We feature several add-on services to enhance the fun and delight of these events, such as intelligent lighting for dances, a multi-media screen for displaying photos, videos, and film screenings, and a photo booth that is tons of candid enjoyment for people of all ages. We also provide character entertainment for children of a younger age – please visit our children’s services page at!


Other important milestones

Let Music in Live Productions be your source of entertainment for all your important milestone events!

Celebrations are a part of life! There is always something great and special to commemorate in your life or in those of your friends, family, and others around you. Music in Live Productions is happy to provide you with high-quality entertainment for all of life’s memorable occasions. We will gladly be your DJs at Grandma’s 80th birthday celebration or your classical musicians at your engagement soiree. We will provide character services for your child’s first birthday party or help your family bid you farewell with a live band at your Bon Voyage extravaganza. With add-on features such as photo montages on our large 50-inch LED screen, we can help you commemorate your special occasion and reminisce about memories gone by. Think of the smiles your grandparents will have as they watch 50 years of happiness together displayed on the screen as they are surrounded by their entire family, and then get to dance the night away as the DJ or live musicians play the tunes of their courtship days. We at Music in Live Productions would be honored to help you celebrate all of your special and important milestone events: birthdays, anniversaries, business promotions, graduations, grand openings, engagements, and any other kinds of celebrations to mark an exceptional day, event or accomplishment.