Let Music in Live Productions take you and your guests through the enchanting story of the bride and groom through a featured slideshow and photo montage that can be elegantly displayed during your reception. We create all photo montages using at least 20 pictures or images of both the bride and groom separately, and 20 more of them as a couple, and align the pictures with selected music that tells the story of their lives together. Photo montages are a popular feature that many of our clients enjoy. Your guests can take a trip back in time and see pictures of the bride and groom as they grow up separately from children into adults, and then revel in the memories of your voyage together as a couple leading up to your special day. Your child’s life and accomplishments can be proudly presented in front of all your guests at his or her coming-of-age or graduation party. Your mother or grandmother’s amazing life journey can be celebrated as your family reunites for her major milestone birthday. Funny, formal, and breathtaking images can be prominently displayed in front of all your guests on our featured 50-inch LED screen or projector screen. Whatever the occasion, Music in Live Productions can provide you with the musical and visual fairytale of the lives of the guest(s) of honor for all to see.

Please email us at or give us a call at (201) 918-4800 to find out more information about our add-on features.