Multi-media Screen

We at Music in Live Productions believe in a multi-faceted level of entertainment that leaves guests in awe of your perfect event or celebration. We offer a multi-media screen option onto which we display various special features that will personalize your event and give your guests a unique experience. We provide video-DJing services on either a 50-inch LED screen or projector screen, prominently displayed for all guests to see. Candid photography taken during the event can be displayed instantaneously onto our screens throughout the entire night. Photo montages that are aligned with music and contain the love story of the bride and groom or the lives of other honored guests can be projected onto our giant screens for the guests’ enjoyment. Live simulcasts of all the iconic moments of your evening can be displayed in full view as they happen – imagine seeing yourself on the “big screen” as you have your first dance, throw the bouquet or cut the cake! Music videos on the screen can also provide a certain special ambience as you dance the night away. A multi-media screen allows you and all of your guests to share the joy, laughter, and heart-warming moments of your event as they are happening, and adds a very distinctive quality to your special occasion, with endless possibilities.


Please email us at or give us a call at (201) 918-4800 to find out more information about our add-on features.