Lighting Effects


Custom Gobo

Custom Gobo Monogram– Project your initials, logo, names, or special titles on the
dance floor for all your guests to see! Having your monogram on display all night will
ensure that your symbol will forever be engraved into their memory.



LED Lighting

Add-Ons/Special Effects:

Music in Live Productions has several featured special effects and add-ons that you can include for your event. These add-ons help to create the right kind of ambient atmosphere that you desire for your special day and can significant charm and visual appeal to the occasion. From having romantic up-lighting throughout the night, to having intelligent LED lighting that moves to the beat of the music, to having your guests enjoy taking turns at a photo booth, to seeing yourself, friends, and family on the “big screen,” our add-on features will shape your evening into an incredible and extraordinary experience for everyone.


Music in Live Productions will enhance your event and make it come alive with custom lights and effects that move to the beat of the music. Through our intelligent lighting system and completely customizable equipment, we can perfect and adjust the illumination in the room to create the exact mood and atmosphere you want for your party. Our special effects lights will enhance and illuminate special moments to help make them memorable and spectacular. Some of our featured add-ons include:

LED Lighting:

We at Music in Live Productions provide the best experience possible for our clients. We use LED lighting as part of our add-on options for our featured events because it is the best in the industry. LED lighting easily adjusts to the specific theme of your special night and makes the overall experience more customized and that much more personal. Our LED lighting features that you can choose from include:

- Ambient Room LED Uplighting – Create an ambiance of elegance for your special event with custom coloring inside your venue. We set up these illuminating lights around the room at a color of your choice to project lighting onto the walls in order to transform and intensify the mood of the venue.

- LED Party Lighting – Generate an upbeat or elegant atmosphere on the dance floor with intelligent lighting of varied colors and patterns that move to the beat of the music. These intelligent lights are mounted onto a 10-foot truss to illuminate different areas of the dance floor and the venue.

With our intelligent lighting, we are able to create the best theatrical lighting in order to set the mood for your event from romantic to club style lighting. Your guests will be impressed by how much lighting can make the difference in the scenario. We can also accommodate special lighting requests, including laser lighting, disco balls, and much more…


Special Effects

  • Haze Machine – Have that dreamlike grand entrance you’ve always wanted with a low-cloud fog effect that will dazzle your guests! With haze, we are able to create the magical and unforgettable illusion of dancing on top of a cloud as husband and wife share their first dance together.



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